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zacharyfreemanZachary Freeman (@ZacharyGFreeman)

Current Location: Tennessee

Zachary Freeman is the Editor-in-Chief of TheCollegeConservative. Born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in nearby Franklin, Zachary Freeman experienced the extraordinary liberal bias at his government-funded college and founded TheCollegeConservative.

Zachary Freeman gives talks on Education, Youth Voting Issues, Personal Finance, and general Politics.  As an author, he spoke to over 50,000 students and parents about college finances.  As Editor-in-Chief of TheCollegeConservative, he has appeared on FoxNews Live and dozens of radio shows across the United States.  Zachary Freeman is available for workshops, discussions, keynotes, and panels.

Amy Miller (@Amyvrwc)

Current Location: Texas

Amy Miller is a recent graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, where she received her J.D. in Law. She served as Vice President of Communications and Social Media Outreach for the Federalist Society, competed as a Member of the Moot Court and Trial Advocacy Board, and conceptualized and served as the Editor in Chief of Beyond Clause 8, the college’s first official media, tech, and IP law and policy publication.

Amy has been a contributor to RedState since 2008, and in 2011, she became a part of the FTR Radio team. TCC is lucky to have her because, as one of her professors once put it, “she’s brilliant.”

Amy Miller speaks on Constitutional law and policy (commerce and taxing powers, civil rights litigation, first amendment and privacy law, eminent domain and other laws governing real property), State and Federal Legislation (theory, drafting, statutory interpretation, and procedure), Supreme Court Cases, and Social Media.

christinerousselleChristine Rousselle (@CRousselle)

Current Location: Virginia

After publishing “My Time At Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform,” Christine Rousselle catapulted herself onto the main stage of conservative activism.  Garnering an invitation from NBC’s Today Show, Rousselle has appeared on countless radio shows and television programs to discuss the welfare system and the incredible waste of taxpayer resources that come with our entitlement culture.  After serving as an intern with Leadership Institute, Christine speaks on Welfare, Education, Welfare Education, and the Pro-Life Movement.


angelamorabitoAngela Morabito (@_AngelaMorabito) 

Current Location: Washington, DC

Angela Morabito graduated with a degree in Culture and Politics from Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  After writing “Sandra Fluke Does Not Speak for Me,” she created a national firestorm in opposition to the Obama administration’s stance on birth control mandates. Her work appeared on The Rush Limbaugh Program and other countless news outlets around the world.

Angela speaks on Education, Political Processes, and Media Bias.


amylutzAmy Lutz (@AmyLutz4)

Current Location: Missouri

Assistant Editor Amy Lutz graduated with a History degree from Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri.  She served as the Chair of the Saint Louis University College Republicans, Vice Chair of the Missouri College Republicans, and was a policy intern at the Show-Me Institute.  She is also the founder of Young Federalist. Amy grew up in the small town of Atchison, Kansas, but has followed current events most of her life, especially those revolving around Immigration and the Constitution.

Amy Lutz gives talks on Immigration, Conservatism on Campus, Liberal Indoctrination, and Social Issues.

Alex UzarowiczAlex Uzarowicz (@AUzarowicz)

Current Location: Illinois

Alex Uzarowicz was born in Argentina and emigrated to the Chicago at age eleven.  As a recent U.S. citizen, Uzarowicz attends Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and speaks on Economics, Budgets, and Spending.





LopacChristian Lopac (@CLopac)

Current Location: Indiana

Christian Lopac gives talks on economics, political philosophy, and history.  His most recent work at TheCollegeConservative can be read here.