Elissa Roberson

Associate Editor for Social Media

Associate Editor for Social Media Elissa Roberson (@ElissaRoberson) is a History major at Copper Mountain Community College in Joshua Tree, California and has been with TheCollegeConservative since it first launched in November 2011. When first studying history, Elissa wanted to become a historian along the lines of military or air and space history due to her involvement in the United State Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol where she was a Flight Officer and her squadron’s historian. Once she graduates, she is considering staying in politics as a writer or continuing her education.

Elissa first became involved in politics in high school when she was secretary for her Generation Joshua club chapter where she first realized the necessity for young people standing up for Conservative principles. Once she entered college, she founded and chaired a Young American’s for Freedom chapter with the goal of spreading the Conservative message on campus amongst her fellow Hispanic classmates. Since writing for TheCollegeConservative, Elissa has appeared on numerous radio shows, online podcasts, and was a featured activist for Smart Girl Politics’ “Youth In Action” interview series as well as an Eagle Forum Collegians scholar and speaker during the Eagle Forum’s Collegian Summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. She has also helped with many online initiatives and blogs sites as well as worked on campaigns during the 2012 campaign season.

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