There is a clear difference between having an opinion you express in class and subjecting your students to academic demerits and ridicule based on their beliefs.  If you have been subjected to liberal indoctrination on your campus, academic discrimination, or incredible amounts of time wasted from a professor spouting off nonsense, we want to hear from you.  Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.*

Conservative students can often face subtle or even open hostility from professors and school administrations. If you have experienced any incidents of hostility or intimidation in academia, please share those stories with us as well!

Video and/or audio are even better! If you have any audio or video clips of professors engaging in liberal indoctrination on the student and taxpayer’s dollar, please feel free to email them directly to However, please check your school’s policies regarding filming and recording in the classroom as well as applicable state laws. For information regarding filming on campus or in public, see the following links.

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*Any information shared on this page  will be sent directly to the TCC staff, and will not be posted on this page until it has been verified with submitter.